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We’re Spark Development,

builders of WordPress websites.

Why Choose Spark?

We are a professional web development collective providing the latest in WordPress website solutions. Our attentive team members will facilitate a collaborative process with deliverables that meet or exceed expectations. Spark Development formed from a group of individual web developers, designers, marketers, and solutions architects. While we have all taken different paths in our freelance businesses, each of us is committed to the idea that together, we can offer a great product at a more affordable price point than if we opened a workshop or brick-and-mortar business. Since we don’t have the overhead of a large shop, we have more energy to devote to producing mobile-ready, responsive websites and marketing solutions to advance your business.


Professional and Reliable

Agencies use us as a resource because they know we have the bandwidth and skillset to produce professional results for their clients. As individual business owners and freelancers, we each enjoy fostering unique client relationships that are essential in developing our businesses. Together, we provide a more comprehensive digital marketing solution that showcases your business and gets you noticed.  Strength in numbers.


Approachable and Local

Small and medium-sized business owners come to us because we’re approachable: friendly, service-oriented, accessible, and affordable. From within the New Hampshire Seacoast area or across the country, we’re local to you.


Committed to Your Success

Website development and marketing can be complicated. We aim to communicate on a realistic “bread and butter” level and keep the techie jargon to a minimum. Let’s face it, we’re geeks at heart, but we don’t expect you to be! You are your business’ best advocate, so we listen between the lines to help you discover attainable goals to set you up for success. Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Services

WordPress Website Development

Build a smarter website with the most popular and adaptable content management system on the web. Mobile-responsive sites look great on any screen and are easy to update.


Website Security

Hackers are everywhere – they’re not even real people! Lock down your site to protect customers, potential clients, and your reputation.


Data & Site Migrations

Migrations happen all the time. Birds fly south, bears hibernate, and websites move from one place to another. Moving your site to a better platform or host provider can make a huge difference in your site’s performance.


Take your business to the next level by selling your products and services online. Merchant accounts and payment gateways aren’t as tricky as you think.

Website Speed and Optimization

No one likes to wait! Speed up your website so it reaches your customers faster … without hogging up the family data plan.


3rd Party API Integrations

Connect your WordPress site to the applications you use for business. Email marketing systems, data collection & storage, social media management, and more. There’s a plugin for that.


Search Engine Optimization

It’s not all about the algorithms. Search engines place content as the #1 factor in determining page rankings. When you write good content and utilize SEO tools, customers find you. And that never goes out of style!

Scheduled Backups & Maintenance

More than just backups: site maintenance keeps you a step ahead. Regular updates mean you won’t miss an important security patch. No more panicked phone calls.

Social Media

It’s all about getting found. Interact and build your community to drive more traffic to your website. You like them and they like you.

Email Marketing

Communicate with your customers on a regular basis and build relationships to stay connected. Increase opt-ins on your website with lead generation technology and email integration. We can help!

Our Process

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Step One - Explore

We’ll discuss your goals in terms of both website functionality and design. This will help define scope of your project. We offer a FREE 1 hour consultation.

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Step Two - Design Layout

We’ll design the layout & functionality of your site to accomplish your goals.

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Step Three - Start Building

Using the latest tools, we’ll build your site to include a great mobile device experience.

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Step Four - Data & Site Migrations

We will ensure that existing content is properly transferred into your new website. If needed we provide entire site migrations.

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Step Five - Final Test

We Final test with you to ensure the design and functionality meet or exceed your expectations.

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Step Six - Deploy your live site

We go live and perform security, SEO, and set backup schedules. We can discuss our maintenance plans. Time to use your site in your marketing efforts!

It only takes a spark to get it started.

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